HOUSE MOTTO: Fortitude and Sacrifice

'नास्ति निष्फलता रणे'

Badal was one of the legendary warriors of Chhitor. He hailed from the Songara Chauhan Kingdom of Jalore. He is know for his bravery, undaunted courage and supreme sacrifice. He lost his life along with his uncle Gora,fighting valiantly against Allauddin Khilji to save the honour and sanctity of Rani Padmini. The House is christended after Badal. Badalians are highly inspired by his courage. bravery and sacrifice to protect the prestige and honour of motherland. They follow the path of their ideal Badal which laid through the portals of Discipline & Sacrifice. Badalians are brave ,fearless and confident to face any challenges in life. They are second to none.