HOUSE MOTTO: Tenacity & Valour

'दृढ़ प्रतिज्ञ, अटल, अडिग

The House Derives its name from Rana Hamir who was the 14th century ruler of Mewar, the first ruler to use the title Rana before his name. He was a great warrior who fought 17 battles and won 13 of them. He is known for his bravery,courage and foresightendness. He re-established the supremacy of Mewwar and protected it till his last breath. The cadets of this house are called Hamirians. Hamir is the source of their inspiration. no one can match the determination of Hamirians. Once decided they go all out to achieve. Hamirians are highly inspired and motivated by Rana Hamir and his enigmatic and ready tto prove their mettle to conquer the world.