HOUSE MOTTO: Buoyant & Relentless

'सतत, सजग ,सकरात्मक'

The House derives its name from the brave Warrior, Ruler of Merta, jaimal Rathore who was cousin of Mirabai. He Was only 16 years old when he fought against the mighty army of Emperor Akbar during his invasion of Chittor. He was appointed Commander in charge of the fort .He a great fighter and true warrior had the last fight with Mughalarmy. The young Jaimal was appointed the Fort Commander and he demonstrated the courage and military skills far beyond his age. The House has been named after this brave Rajput Warrior, who is a source of inspiration and motivation to the cadets of jaimal House. Jaimalites are know for strong will and firm determination to reach the pinnacle of success.Never say die attitude prepare them to overcome all the hurdles and become victorious.