HOUSE MOTTO: Wise & Valiant

श्यस्य बुद्धि बलं तस्य

The House inherits its name Kumbha from the great warrior Maharana Kumbha of Mewar between 1433 & 1468 AD.Rana Kumbha held the flag flying high at 84 fortresses that form the part of Mewar.He erected the Tower Victory at Chittor which has been a source of inspiration for Chittorions since the inception of the school and adopted as emblem of our school. Rana Kumbha was a scholar of Sanskrit and a fine exponent musician. Kumbhians are inspired by the spirit of patriotism, chivalry and scholarly achievements of Rana Kumbha. They follow the footprints of this great ruler. Kumbhians have sharp mind and lead from the front. They excel in all spheres of life.