HOUSE MOTTO : Humble & Gallant

'सुशासित अपरमित रणकौशल'

Luv House inherits its name from the youngest son of Lord Rama. He was the greatest warrior like his father, who was always ready to take up challenges. Unware of the fact that Lord Rama was his progenitor, he in true tradition of Kshatriyas captured the Ashvamedha Yagya Horse of his father by displaying exemplary tactical and weaponry skills against the strong Army of Ayodhaya. Keeping in views the indomitable courage of Prince Luv, his military skills and firm determination to meet the challenges, the House has named after his name. Luvians also have strong will power and are ready to face any challenge coming in their way. Luvians are confident and sure to achieve success in every walk of life. As we Luvians move onto a better tomorrow and aspire to have a long never ending journey revolving in the orbit of success & glory.