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Distinctive Features

Sainik Schools are wholly residential schools run on public school lines.  All the Sainik Schools are also members of the All India Public Schools Conference.  They offer a common curriculum and are affiliated to the CBSE.  While developing sound character, team sprit, dedication to duty, patriotic outlook and desire to serve the country with efficiency, the Sainik Schools prepare students academically for All India Secondary School Examination and All India Senior School Certificate Examination and also for the entrance examination to the National Defence Academy (UPSC Written Examination).
The school impart instruction in English medium although knowledge of English is not a pre-requisite for admission.  Since all scholarship holders are obliged to take the NDA Entrance Examination during the plus two stage after passing class XI and there is emphasis on Science Stream in the NDA curriculum, all Sainik Schools cater for Science Stream subject only.

Besides academic advancement, the students are encouraged to develop their creative faculties through co-curricular activities and socially useful productive work. The are also introduced systematically to all major games, and are given NCC training compulsorily upto class XI. Courses aimed at developing a spirit of adventure are arranged for selected students, but experience of camp life is given to all of them.