Vsmart Extensions

MoD Scholarship: Income slabs for income-cum-means scholarships applicable to Defence category are as under :-

Ser Type of Scholarship Serving Defence personnel Ex-servicemen Reimbursement By means of Scholarship
(i) Full NCOs & ORs NCOs & ORs
(ii) Half JCOs
JCOs Rs.16,000/-

Rajasthan Govt Scholarship:-

Ser Income slab Rate Scholarship Amount
(i) Upto Rs.10,000/-per month Full Rs.26,200/-
(ii) Rs.10,001/-to Rs.15,000/- per month 3/4 Rs.20,900/-
(iii) Rs.15,001/- to Rs.20,000/- per month 1/2 Rs.15,600/-
(iv) Rs.20,001/- to Rs.25,000/-per month 1/4 Rs.10,300/-
(v) Rs.25,001/- & above Nil Nil

(c) Income slabs of Bihar Govt scholarship:-

Ser Income slab Rate Amount
(i) Upto Rs.8000/-per month Full Rs 8,900/-
(ii) Rs.8001/- to Rs.10000/-per month 3/4 Rs 6,900/-
(iii) Rs.10001/- to 12000/- per month 1/2 Rs 5,500/-
(iv) Rs.12001/- and above Nil Nil